Female empowerment does not create powerful women.
It enables her to unleash the power she’s always had!

- Danielle Marais | Founder of Walk In Freedom

About Us

Hi! We are Walk In Freedom. Our name is inspired by Nelson Mandela’s long walk to freedom and the continued building toward the future that he had envisioned for all South Africans. Our focus is on economic freedom, allowing women to choose their paths and lay the bricks for the next generation to walk on. Entrepreneurship is the foundation of the Walk In Freedom Organization. It will solve for three key South African improvement areas:

The Walk In Freedom Organization creates female entrepreneurs to empower her in every aspect of her life. Walk In Freedom teaches women skills aligned with their interests; entrepreneurship, business, and management skills development. They then receive a mentor who has the experience to assist them in starting their own business. Walk In Freedom funds the capital goods that are needed for the business to take off. There is also support given in creating a brand for the business. We walk the path with these powerful women while creating a legacy group where they can, in turn, mentor other women. Walk In Freedom functions through sponsorships of courses, classes, and any skill development opportunities. We also rely on people pledging to be mentors as well as financial donations to support these female businesses with the capital they need.


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Copyright 2021 Walk in Freedom | © All rights Reserved